Terms & Conditions

For all services brought as a gift voucher. You select you service you wish to purchase then head to our book in now and book the services in.

Hair extensions and PMU brows you will be required to pay a deposit when booking we also require you to first book in for a free consultation so you know what service would be best suited for you on the day. This deposit amount has been deducted from the gift voucher.

You have the right to change your mind after 14 days if you have not already received the service.

Hair extensions for a new fit including hair will need a free consultation before choosing so we can tell you what one would need to be selected. £100 has been deducted from the price of this gift voucher as you you book in you are required to pay £100 deposit towards your hair order.

All refits gift vouchers do not require a deposit as you already have your hair and you do not need to book a consultation as you know the amount that needs to be selected for a refit.

All new PMU brow require a free consultation to see what service is need and £50 of the price has been deducted off the voucher as you are required to pay a £50 deposit when booking.